New Bethel Ministries

"The City of Refuge"

Get Involved with NBM Ministry

Now that you are connected, it’s time to get involved. There are a number of ways to get involved with New Bethel Ministries. While we are a family in one sense, we are individuals with different experiences, backgrounds and needs. We have a plethora of groups and ministries all designed to connect the many pieces into one whole…the family of NBM within the Body of Christ. Take a look around — we are confident you’ll find a place that is just right!

Men of Valor - Men's Ministry

Men of Valor is a dynamic ministry that is preparing our men of today to experience a change and become the man that God has predestined them to be.

Women Within Me - Women Ministry

The purpose of the Woman Within Me Ministry is to educate, encourage, equip and empower women in their journey toward the heart of God.

Kadesh Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Kadesh yout ministry is a ministry where we teach and train up our children to know God and love him whole heartily.

Creative Arts Ministries

Our creative arts ministry is design for our youth and young adults to voice their talents in Song, dance and Drama.

NBM Couple Ministry

The primary purpose of the Marriage Ministry at New Bethel Ministries "The City of Refuge" is to enrich marriage through biblical marriage seminars, retreats, fellowships and social outings.